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    crystal spider
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    Crystal Spider

    Character Information
    Name: Blitzkrieg
    Sex: Male
    Vocation: Master Sorcerer
    Level: 87
    World: Tibinha
    Residence: yurots
    Last login: 10 December 2023 (23:18)
    Created: 07 December 2023 (08:02)
    Account Status Premium Account
    Age: (1 Years )
    10,336,679 87 580 2,460 0 1,260 0:00 69 10 10 10 10 10 17 10
    Character Deaths
    07 December 2023 (20:11) Died at Level 86 by Mantichor
    07 December 2023 (17:50) Died at Level 45 by Demon
    Experience History
    Todayno change
    29/02/2024no change
    28/02/2024no change
    27/02/2024no change
    26/02/2024no change
    25/02/2024no change
    24/02/2024no change
    23/02/2024no change
    Quest Progress
    Temple QuestÍcone Errado
    Sudden Death BackpackÍcone Errado
    Demon BackpackÍcone Errado
    Uh BackpackÍcone Errado
    Moon BackpackÍcone Errado
    Old BackpackÍcone Errado
    Crown BackpackÍcone Errado
    Ancient Scarab BackpackÍcone Errado
    Hmm BackpackÍcone Errado
    Gfb BackpackÍcone Errado
    Driell BackpackÍcone Errado
    Magic Wall BackpackÍcone Errado
    Ice ArenaÍcone Errado
    History Ice QuestÍcone Errado
    Ancient Helmet QuestÍcone Errado
    Dragon Lair QuestÍcone Errado
    Behemoth QuestÍcone Errado
    Inferno QuestÍcone Certo
    Demon Helmet QuestÍcone Errado
    Child Hydra QuestÍcone Errado
    BoH QuestÍcone Errado
    Bright Sword QuestÍcone Errado
    Prision Catedral QuestÍcone Errado
    The Pits of Inferno QuestÍcone Errado
    Chaos QuestÍcone Errado
    Demona QuestÍcone Errado
    Orc Fortress QuestÍcone Errado
    Lizard Fortress QuestÍcone Errado
    Elf Fortress QuestÍcone Errado
    The Annihilator QuestÍcone Errado
    The Black Annihilator QuestÍcone Errado
    Name Status Level Vocation
    1. Blitzkriegoffline (currently viewing)87Master Sorcerer
    2. Elderzhoffline29Druid

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