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    Monster Pedestal Box
    fire spider
    Exp +24%
    Fire Spider


    Raid Image Repeat Margin
    Cemetery "Paradise" Cemetery false 80
    General Murius "Boss Island" General Murius false 60
    Panatono Elf Raid Panatono Elf Raid false 60
    Elf Tower "Paradise" Elf Tower false 60
    Ferfang "Boss Island" Ferfang false 60
    Gods "Boss Island" Gods false 10
    Obscubram "Dark Paradise" Obscubram false 25
    King Troll "Paradise manhole" King Troll false 60
    Orc "Backpak" Orc false 60
    Orc "Set Amazon" Orc false 60
    The Old Widow "Pantanoso" The Old Widow true 100
    Orshabaal "Pits Of Inferno" Orshabaal true 100
    Ferumbras "Ferumbras Towers" Ferumbras true 100
    Demodras "Saara Island" Demodras true 40
    Zaluputian "Dungeons" Zaluputian true 100
    Diabolinc "Dungeons" Diabolinc true 100
    Lady Xina "Dungeons" Lady Xina true 100
    Mino Man "Dungeons" Mino Man true 100
    Corrupt Support "Dungeons" Corrupt Support true 100
    Infernatione "Dungeons" Infernatione true 100
    Demon King "Prision" Demon King true 50
    Demon Lord "Prision" Demon Lord true 50
    Golden Kinight Man "Dark Paradise" Golden Kinight Man false 50
    Lady Jeh "Inferno" Lady Jeh false 50


    Raid: The name of the raid.

    Image: An image associated with the raid.

    Repeat: Indicates whether the raid can be repeated (true/false).

    Margin: The margin value associated with the raid. Having a margin of 100% means that the creature will always be faced, as many times as you wish.